Tokenising Everything

0x software is created to allow users to create crypto assets that can represent anything which effectively allows us to tokenise anything. This can include tokenises physical things like real estate to virtual things like in game add-ons and even tokens that can represent other crypto assets.

The benefits of tokenising everything means that the token can act as the contract of ownership of an item, rather than the old paper contracts. You don’t need a third party to keep them safe, they can be transferred to new owners quickly and digitally around the world. …

When you’re developing your application locally you might want to send emails to users of your system.

In development, you don’t want to be sending real emails as you might accidentally be sending development emails to real customers. You need a way of testing locally and make sure that no emails will be sent out to customers but still allow you to view all emails being sent out.

This is why mailhog was created, it’s a great development tool for testing emails and you can find the repository on Github.

You can run this locally on your machine by using the following…

Homestead is a package you can use in your Laravel development to create a local development environment for your application with all the services installed you can use to improve the workflow of your application.

Homestead will then create a new virtual machine with the following software installed.

The problem comes when you do integration testing on your application with “real world” data you might come into the situation where an dev email can be sent to a real user. There are a few ways you can get around this one of the most common old fashion ways of doing this was inside the sending email class you check the environment and if local change the email to address to the site admin email address, making sure all outgoing email goes to the site admin in local. …

EOSIO is a blockchain protocol that is used to facilitate building decentralised applications DAPP’s.

This was designed to solve the problems with other application blockchains such as speed and clogging up of the network which networks such as Ethereum has faced in the past. When a large DAPP was added to the Etheruem blockchain it caused performance issues with the amount of bandwidth going through the network.

EOSIO has been designed to be capable of more transactions per second while removing the fees charged to users for making transactions.

Unlike other blockchains applications like Etheruem which need to be written in the Solidity programming language, EOSIO dapps is powered by WebAssembly and can be written in C++, Java and Python. …

Why Use The Brave Browser?

Brave is a browser that’s been built from the ground up to be faster and safer than other internet browsers. Brave does this by blocking malware and trackers on web pages, keeping your browsing history safe and keeps down the page loading time, win win.

It’s similar to the ad blocking software you might of seen on other browsers but this is built into the browser itself. You’re able to change the settings on any web page to be more or less secure if you’re sure you can trust a certain web site.

Brave will automatically block trackers and ads within the browser, and even ads from youtube. It will also force all URLs to be converted to HTTPS connections which will encrypt any data posted on the web page, which is useful on public wifi connections. It will also block cross-site cookies stopping those social media networks from showing you ads of the product you just looked at on Amazon. …

What Is Compound Crypto?

Compound is a protocol running on Ethereum that lets individuals, developers, and applications earn interest on their crypto without relying on third parties.

Compound is one of the increasing number of DeFi protocols entering the crypto space. They say that the majority of cryptocurrencies sit idle on exchanges and within wallets and their aim is to change this by allowing you to earn interest on the cryptocurrencies you hodl.

At the time of writing, Compound has over $2.5 billion assets locked into the protocol.

Earn Interest With Compound

Compound will allow you to deposit your cryptocurrency into lending pools and lenders will earn interest on these assets. …

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how and why we will build a Laravel package. Laravel packages are one of my favourite features of using Laravel, if you come from a WordPress background think of them as plugins for your Laravel application. They allow you to quickly add additional functionality to your Laravel application just by using composer. If you haven’t used composer before having a look at this article explaining how to get started with composer.

Composer is a dependency manager for PHP, which we will use to bring in our own Laravel Package. Packages come in different forms, some can be stand-alone packages, meaning they will work with any PHP application whereas some might be dependent on having Laravel installed. You’ll find this information inside the packages composer.json

In this tutorial, we’re going to create a new Laravel listener that will listen to the user logged in event and then update the user record with the time they logged in.

This is a handy feature to check how often your users are logging in and which ones are most active in your application.

Laravel Events

Laravel has a built feature to create events in your application, this will allow you to run code based off different actions in your application.

If you’ve used WordPress before you can use this in a similar way to the action and filter hooks.


In this post, we’re going to look into a little laravel feature that allows jobs to automatically be deleted if the models in the job doesn’t exist.

Laravel jobs are asynchronous code that can run in the background of your application, they can even be delayed until a further date. Because these jobs are asynchronous there is no guarantee that the models inside your job will be found by the time the job runs.

For example if you have a blog post and you setup a job to publish this to twitter, and by the time the job run the blog post has been deleted then the job will throw a ModelNotFoundException. When Laravel jobs throw an exception they will be marked as failed, retried and moved to the failed jobs table. If the model doesn't exist then everytime the job attempts a retry it will again throw the same ModelNotFoundException causing it to unnecessarily rerun the failed job. …

In this tutorial we’re going to investigate a Webpack feature called code splitting.

Image for post
Image for post

Code splitting will allow you to reduce the size of your main JavaScript file by splitting it up into different files and lazy load these as and when they’re required.

This is a very important feature when building a single page application as your JavaScript file could be very large, this means that your page will need to wait for this to download before the page can be started.

Using code splitting you can split up your code into multiple files and only download the files your app needs to display the page. For example if you only use a component on a single page you don’t need to load in that component on every page of your app, using code splitting Webpack can lazy load in that component only when it is needed. …



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