Brave Browser And BAT

Why Use The Brave Browser?

Brave is a browser that’s been built from the ground up to be faster and safer than other internet browsers. Brave does this by blocking malware and trackers on web pages, keeping your browsing history safe and keeps down the page loading time, win win.

It’s similar to the ad blocking software you might of seen on other browsers but this is built into the browser itself. You’re able to change the settings on any web page to be more or less secure if you’re sure you can trust a certain web site.

Brave will automatically block trackers and ads within the browser, and even ads from youtube. It will also force all URLs to be converted to HTTPS connections which will encrypt any data posted on the web page, which is useful on public wifi connections. It will also block cross-site cookies stopping those social media networks from showing you ads of the product you just looked at on Amazon.

Having these things blocked on the pages you visit will increase the loading times between 3x to 6x faster. It will tell you these stats on the start-up screen by showing how many ads were blocked, how much bandwidth was saved and how much time was saved by using Brave.

The browser was created by Brendan Eich which is the creator of JavaScript and former CEO of Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser.

Download Brave Browser

Make Money As A Content Creator

Content creators have the ability to make money from viewers that are using the Brave browser. When you signup to be a verified content creator you can start earning Brave rewards automatically by other Brave browser users without them knowing about it.

This works by users earning brave rewards by opt-in to view ads, the reward generated by viewing ads is distributed to the content creators they have visited during that month. If a user visits your website more, you will be given a larger percentage of the user’s brave rewards.

This is a great way of supporting the content creators you enjoy simply by consuming their content. When using Brave there is even a button that appears on Twitter and YouTube which allows you to donate to a content creator from there, all from Brave rewards.

Earn Brave Rewards

You can earn Brave rewards simply by using the Brave browser as you normally would. As you are browsing the internet you may get a small pop-up in the top right of the screen to see an ad. You then can choose to see this ad by clicking the link. This will then earn you brave rewards.

You then have the option of how much of your rewards you want to give to content creators. This will be a monthly payment automatically distributed to the creators you consumed the most content from. You also have the option to disable contributing to a creator if you choose to. Or you can choose to tip creators directly from the brave rewards.

The Brave rewards are paid out in BAT token, the cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token.

BAT Token

BAT token is the digital currency exchanged between publishers, advertisers and users. The BAT token is built onto of the Ethereum blockchain and can be earnt by viewing ads while using the Brave browser.

Earn BAT

You can earn up to $10 of BAT by taking the quiz over at Coinbase. Simply create an account on Coinbase and watch 3 videos about BAT to receive your free BAT tokens.

Earn BAT tokens Download Brave Browser

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