Local Storage vs Session Storage vs Cookie Storage

Local Storage

  • Stores data with no expiry date
  • Cleared only via JavaScript or clearing browser cache
  • The storage limit is the largest of the 3 as big as 5MB
  • Not supported by older browsers IE7 or lower
  • Works on same-origin policy. So, data stored will only be available on the same origin.

Session Storage

  • Stores data only for the duration of the session, when the user closes their browser the data is lost
  • Top-level browsing context, therefore it’s unique to each browser tab
  • Storage limit is larger than cookies at 5MB
  • Not supported by older browsers IE7 or lower


  • Stores data that can be transferred to the server via headers
  • LocalStorage and SessionStorage can only be accessed on client-side
  • Expiry is set on creation of the cookie
  • Storage limit is smallest at 4kb
  • Cookies can be made secure making client side unable to read the contents. This is important for authentication to store user tokens.




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